Cheap and Fast Travel in Charlotte: Taxi or Ride Share?

As an American Airlines hub city, Charlotte is an easy to reach business travel destination. Companies often cite the airport and the number of direct flights to CLT as a key reason they locate and grow their business in Charlotte.

Getting from the airport to most commercial centers in the Charlotte region is also easy..but is it costly? Recent analysis by CNBC shows that the best deal on travel within Charlotte is a ride share service. CNBC data shows that Lyft was the best deal at $15.25 for the ride CNBC tested. Uber was $15.30 and Sidecar was $18.17. A taxi for a comparable ride was $31.63!

So, for you business travelers to Charlotte who want to cut down on T&E expenses, a ride sharing service may be the way to go. You’ll want to be sure you check the variable rate based on demand at the time you travel.