Who Does HR Represent


There’s a really thought provoking article over on CNN that probes the question: whose side is HR really on? In the #metoo landscape where people are finding the courage to report instances of sexual harassment and discrimination, it’s important to understand how the HR process works – or should work – at your workplace.

The article shares:

 Johnny C. Taylor, CEO of the Society for Human Resources Management. “I’m often asked, ‘Who does HR represent? The company or the employee?'” Taylor says. “And I think I often unnerve them when I say ‘both.’ That’s what makes this a difficult role.” There is a process that includes employee orientation and training, those portals through which HR communicates with employees proactively, both about how the company responds to complaints and follows up on them, as well as how the company sets its priorities and rules, what an employee can see as “OK” or “not OK” per legal standards and a company’s values.