Amish Baskets Dog Bed Review

Sammy and Buddy Bed

Aren’t these the cutest dogs you have ever seen?! Meet Sammy and Buddy. They’re our sweet dogs. Love, love, love these puppies! Sammy is about 2 and we think he’s a chiweenie (a Dachshund / Chihuahua mix). Buddy is about 9 years old and a terrier mix.  Their favorite things to do are to sleep, snuggle, eat, play, look cute – and did I mention snuggle?

We just renovated our kitchen and we wanted to replace the fabric/plush dog beds we had with something a little more “up”. I looked for wicker dog beds. I spotted some on Etsy that are really nice but they’re made somewhere in Europe and the reviews said they take a long time to ship. I also checked out HomeGoods for wicker baskets that I could put mats in but I didn’t have any luck.

In my search, I ran across and was intrigued. The price was right. The look was right. They’re made in the USA. They ship fast. They’re handmade. You can accessorize: we added the fleece mats and brass nameplates! What’s not to love?

Sammy Bed

This is a completely unsolicited review and isn’t sponsored. I am really just enamored with these beds and many of the products. I admit that I was a little ignorant about the Amish. I mean, I am a child of the 80s in the South. Much of all I knew about Amish folks I learn from the episode of the Golden Girls where Miles is in the Witness Protection Program or the movie The Witness with Harrison Ford!

Check out my really quick (a 2 minute view!) video review of the dog beds.

I think my next purchase might be their casserole baskets. They’d be perfect for Thanksgiving, pot lucks, or taking food to a friend. You can have the brass plate put on them too – just right for your initials or monogram.