Perks Don’t Always Work for Employee Retention


Increasingly, employers are adding perks to the office environment to make the work/life balance easier for employees and to create a collaborative and engaging work environment.

Car washes, laundry service, cafeterias and cafes, gyms, health clinics, meditation rooms, covered parking, outdoor facilities, and much more are on offer at today’s modern offices. It seems that this is an arms race and a cost of doing business if employers want to compete for top talent. While these amenities are great, that’s not really what gets employees to stay.

As an aside, folks are always asking about daycare and pet care options. Those are two good things to have near any work site. Also, a centralized location in a metro area that minimizes commute time is also high on the list. Free coffee doesn’t count for much up against a grueling commute.

This recent article shares that company culture trumps perks when it comes to employee retention. They recommend that employers focus on building trust, supporting employee development, constant communication, and mutual respect are the keys to an effective culture that retains top talent.