Best Boss Training: Don’t be a Boring Boss – Take an Improv Class!


In college I was involved with an improve team and was a actor in student productions. Several years ago I had the opportunity to participate in a The Second City improv workshop and it was great. So, this article about how improv can improve your leadership and managerial skills didn’t come as a surprise.

The article shares:

Improv classes can also help make participants feel more comfortable and confident. “They are sneaky presentation classes,” said Laviolette. “It’s about being able to move ideas forward in a pressurized setting.”
Lisa DeAngelis, the director of the Center for Collaborative Leadership at University of Massachusetts, runs a leadership program that includes improv training as part of the curriculum.
“So much about leadership isn’t about the answer, but asking the right questions,” she said. “[The improv] session really gets folks comfortable with not having all the answers and being able to think on the fly and also stop and start listening to better understand.”
Improv can improve (y’all you can’t spell improve without inprov!!):
  • increase communication between teams
  • enhance collaboration
  • improve listening skills
  • make brainstorming sessions more productive

Check out a great book on improv ideas!