Asheville NC: Day 1

An evening in Asheville, NC with dinner at Mela and dessert at French Broad Chocolates

We’re in Asheville for the weekend for a wedding. It’s going to be lots of fun! We’re staying just outside of downtown (within walking distance) in a cute rental house that we’ve been to several times. No, I am not telling you the details because I am keeping the treasure a secret! 😉

Tonight we joined another couple for dinner at Mela, an Indian restaurant. It was the second time we’ve eaten there and it was very good. The first time we visited there I ordered my meal too spicy and my scalp started to sweat! Yikes! Tonight, they got it just right. Everything was lovely. Great food. Great service. Great friends!

For dessert we went to the center of town and waited in line for French Broad Chocolates. It’s worth the wait. I had the milk chocolate liquid truffle. So decadent! Ryan had a slice of chocolate cake (and I had bites, duh.).

Thankfully our house is mostly downhill from dinner and we’re getting tucked in.

You can enjoy French Broad Chocolates for yourself – check it out.