Early Girl Eatery Asheville: a quick review

A great breakfast spot…any time of day

During previous trips to Asheville, I’ve walked past the Early Girl Eatery but the wait has been too long. Nobody likes to see me hangry. This morning we were out early and beat the crowds. We arrived at about 9:00AM on a Saturday. There was a short wait – maybe 5 minutes. They’ve got a reservation system that will text you when your table is ready so that you can visit nearby shops while you wait.

We all had different menu items. There were even options to satisfy the vegan among us. I had the biscuit French toast with scrambled eggs and bacon. Yum yum!

It’s a tight dining area with a southern cafe decor – think basic ladder back chairs, wooden tables, and cafe curtains.

All in all, Early Girl Eatery lived up to the hype and we’d go back again for a casual breakfast that satisfies!

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