Summer Memories and Rattan Casserole Baskets …just like Bunny Mellon

I read somewhere that Jackie O admired Bunny Mellon’s casserole baskets… these reminded me of them…


I am more than a little obsessed with Bunny Mellon. Earlier this year, I read Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend. It’s a fascinating window into one of the most unique lives of the last century.

In that book, I believe, there is a passage where Jackie Kennedy (and later Onassis), makes a note to someone working in her household to get wicker baskets for casseroles like the ones Bunny Mellon uses. Jackie spotted them on one of her frequent visits to Bunny’s many homes.

When I ran across the ones pictured above on Amanda Lindroth’s website, that passage from the book immediately came to mind. While Ms. Lindroth has a unique and refreshing island influenced style, I think these rattan baskets would fit right into any kitchen decor. To our modern and often white kitchens, these will add a needed textural touch and a feeling of nature. Plus the casserole basket is convenient when carrying hot foods. I know you’ve picked something up thinking it was cool enough to carry to the car but by the time you’re in the driveway your hands feel as though they’re melting off.

I might pick up a few in preparation for Thanksgiving this year!