Scary Online Auction Items Perfect for Halloween

I love a good online auction, but this stuff is CREEPY!

I am value conscious (ok, I can be tight with money) but I like nice things. That’s why I love Everything But The House or They’re an online estate auction site. They were previously in more cities, but I think they’re focusing on just nine locations for the moment. Luckily, Charlotte is one of them. I don’t think I would find the same value if I had to pay for shipping items. Thanks to EBTH’s operation here, I can just go to the sale or their warehouse to pick up my winning items. I found generally that some folks run up the cost of items on the auction, so I just have to keep my head and not go too high for something I could get on consignment for less. EBTH is fun though!

Every once in a while though you run across something amazing and you get it for a song. However, in a sale that’s in progress now, there are two things that are super scary. The wax figure above is listed as:

A contemporary limited edition full-scale wax composite sculpture by noted artist and art director Gary Mirabella (American; 20th Century). Titled The Piano Man, the life-like figure is depicted in a sitting position with his hands up as if playing a piano or organ. He is dressed in a crisp black tuxedo with patent leather shoes and white tie. The piece is numbered 10 of 25 to the arm.

Y’all. No. No. No. No. No!!! This thing is so scary. Here he is up close.



When I picked this blog back up, I wanted to be positive and keep things fun and light. There’s enough serious stuff going on and I don’t need to add any negativity. But, friends, this huge faux tree on this plant stand?? What the what? Don’t get me started about the wall treatment. But AT LEAST they tried to do something to add interest.

The plant stand is Maitland Smith – go figure.

Happy Halloween!