Google Says They “Need to take a harder line on inappropriate behavior.” Now what?

This week Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent out an email to employees apologizing for the company’s response in the wake of a recent report in The New York Times. The newspaper reported that three top executives have received massive payouts over the past decade despite being credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

Read a detailed article on the full story here. Has the #metoo movement been able to influence the tech sector…finally? Tech firms historically have had a hard time attracting and retaining female talent for a variety of reasons.

A few insights:

Women who start out in business roles in tech-intensive industries leave for other industries at high rates—53% of women, compared to 31% of men.

Work experiences impact women’s decisions to leave. Isolation, hostile male-dominated work environments, ineffective executive feedback, and a lack of effective sponsors are factors pushing women to leave science, engineering, and technology jobs.

Learn how to help female leaders break out and make their own rules.

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