What’s the number one thing every manager needs to do to help their teams succeed?

During a recent discussion on inclusion and diversity, Goldman Sachs’ Human Resources leader, Sally Boyle, shared the number one thing that contributes to employee success.

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Her advice is simple: get to know your people. She says that she attributes much of her success to great managers who, “knew to spend time with me, understanding what would really light my fire and what would make me succeed.”

This isn’t easy – especially with remote team and in large organizations. The unique differences among individuals means that there is no such thing as a universally effective management style.

The sooner the better. Getting to know your employee should start from the beginning. Be intentional about getting to know new team members and their preferred work style and mode of interacting. A group project is one way to help build bonds to create a high performing team. Through a low-risk project, you can see how individuals shine and glean how to encourage them to best effect.

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