Best Dumbbell Chest Workout

Want pecs like this guy? Check out this week’s Best Dumbbell Chest Workout!

man splitting on tree

I get to the gym at about 5:30AM MWF and even though I’ve driven to the gym, my body is still not awake. I spend about 20 minutes doing light cardio just to wake up and get my blood flowing. It’s a light warm up. Lately at for the last 10 minutes of the warm up I’ve alternated running a lap with walking a lap.

I do cardio on an indoor track. There are some pros and some cons to using an indoor track. Pros: well lit, no car traffic, no rain (Generally – There was a roof leak one day.), and limited allergens. Cons: no fresh air, not a natural workout environment (bears – well… – do not chase you on an indoor track), and there’s no incline variation. These can be mitigated by adjusting your workout – outside some days, use a treadmill with an incline, etc.

Then we did 100 sit ups. It’s a great way to start the week. We used 40lb dumbbells to anchor my feet. We place them at the end of the mat and then I did set of 20 situps. Get it done!

The chest workout was:

Use the weight, reps and sets that are appropriate for you. We did 10-12 reps and 5 sets this time around. Various weights to push my limits based on my strength and exhaustion level. The key for me has been working with a great trainer. I’ve given up cable TV to pay for a trainer. It’s well worth it.

Get to it! Get some dumbbells, maybe a good book on workout anatomy… and let’s start!

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