Holidays Are Coming…and guests. The best way to clean your chandelier and get it ready for the holidays.

The house is decorated. You’ve worked hard to make your holiday meal. You’re seated with friends and family around the dining room table only to look up and see that your chandelier looks like something from The Haunted Mansion! Eeek!

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The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a great time to deep clean everything and to get your home holiday ready. Don’t forget to look up and clean ceiling fixtures like fans, pendants, and chandeliers while you have out the Windex.

The Best Way to Clean Your Chandelier

Be safe! Never turn a chandelier! Work around it! If you are using a ladder, remember ladder safety!


  • Quilt, comforter, or furniture pad
  • Large bath towel
  • Plastic colander
  • Cheap paper towels, microfiber, or other low-lint cloth
  • Dish detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • Optional: Clothes drying rack


  • Turn off the lights and give the bulbs time to cool.
  • Place a thick quilt or comforter under your fixture to catch any prisms that may drop. Provide enough of a cushion to prevent anything that slips out of your hand from breaking or from scratching your table. Maybe move the table away if you have room.
  • Keep the fixture stationary while you move and work around it.
  • Before disassembling your fixture, always make a drawing of where all the removable pieces of the chandelier belong.
  • Carefully remove all of the trimmings, placing the pendants in a plastic colander.
  • Use a small amount of mild dish detergent and rinse the pendants well with hot water. The hotter the water – the fewer the spots on crystal pendants.
  • Lay these on a towel for quick drying.
  • To keep from tangling the strands, use both hands to hold them (one hand at each end) and place them under running water. Move your hands back and forth so that all parts of the strands get clean. Again, use a small amount of mild dish detergent and rinse well. Lay these on a towel for quick drying as well.
  • A clothes drying rack is an excellent way to dry the long strands.
  • My chandelier crystals are wired so that they’re not easily taken off the fixture. Instead of taking them down, I use a ladder and wipe the crystals individually. This is harder because you have to be on the ladder and to have your hands up in the fixture – but you do what you have to do!
  • New candle covers help your chandelier look like new!
  • Replace everything and shine on!

There are spray and no-wipe crystal chandelier cleaners.  These cleaners can work well for those who do not have the means to clean their chandelier any other way. It’s a mess though…and you’ll still want to be on a ladder so you’re not spraying the cleaner back down on yourself. The old-fashioned method of dismantling is the most thorough and will provide the best results.

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