Sears to Close a Charlotte Area Store in Rock Hill, SC

Sears announces that it would close a Charlotte area store in Rock Hill, SC in February 2019.

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Once a anchor of malls and shopping centers across America, Sears is in a slow decline. It’s not a surprise that they’re strategically closing stores in what seems like a slow death spiral. I feel bad for all of the long-time employees. I have nostalgic memories from childhood of riding the escalator in the Sears store in Gastonia, NC. It makes the news that Sears will close a store in Rock Hill, SC a little sad.

Rock Hill, SC is part of the Charlotte metro region which is booming. I am sure the employees will likely be able to find another retail job. However, more career-track employees like the department or store management team may not find a role with the same benefits or pay.

At least they’ll be open through the holiday shopping season and for a little while after. I hope they’ll extend offers to employees to work in other stores in the region.


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