Dream Interpretation: I lost a toe!

Last night I dreamed that I lost my toe. I rarely remember my dreams but I woke up and thought, “Wow! That’s weird!” Here’s what I learned:

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I am not a big believer in dream interpretation. I rarely remember my dreams anyway. However, last night I dreamed that I was wiggling a toe and part of it came right off in my hand. What does this mean about my subconscious thought?!

I’ve had recurring dreams about teeth falling out. In my dream, I’d wiggle a tooth and it would pop right out in my hand. They say those are anxiety dreams or that I may be grinding my teeth.

The toe dream was a new one for me. So barely awake this morning – one eye cracked open – I quickly Googled what it meant. Here’s what I found:

To see your toes in your dream represent the way you move and walk through life, either with grace and poise, or the lack thereof.  It also signifies your path in life. Alternatively, toes represent the minor details of life and how you deal with them.

To dream that you lose or gain a toe(s) suggests that you are lacking determination and energy needed to move forward in some situation.

I call BS on this one. I feel that I have a lot of determination and I have a good amount of motivation. So, this interpretation doesn’t resonate with me. I think it was an anxiety dream because I felt panic when the bit of my toe fell off in my dream.

What do you think? Do you believe in dream interpretation? Do you ever have dreams your toes fall off?

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