How to have a perfect Thanksgiving: Martha Stewart style


A Martha Stewart type of perfect holiday may be out of reach for many working families, but her books, magazines, and television productions are great resources. If you’re bored with the traditional holiday foods and decor, Martha offers new ideas that you may want to add this year.

In this compilation video Martha shows us a great way to style your table for Thanksgiving, creative decorating ideas, yummy side dishes, and even a turkey cooked in a counter-top rotisserie oven! There’s also a monumental chocolate turkey mold which is a SHOWSTOPPER! You can get your own, smaller chocolate turkey molds here. They would be so fun for Thanksgiving dessert.

Now this next video is retro Martha demonstrating aspects of a traditional Thanksgiving. Talk about nostalgia!

Martha changed the way America entertained with her 1983 publication Entertaining. It’s a classic and very relevant today!



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