How to tell if you’re dehydrated – give yourself a pinch

I recently learned a little trick to tell if you are dehydrated. It’s a pinch test. clean clear cold drink

I don’t drink water throughout the day even though it’s a great practice. If I am being completely honest, if you were to cut me, coffee would probably come out rather than blood. However, we all know that staying hydrated is really important. It helps keep so many body systems functioning at optimal levels. Even though coffee (well, the caffeine) is a diuretic, overall even coffee can help you stay hydrated. Plain water and foods with high water content (like fruits and vegetables) are probably the best way to stay hydrated though – not the Diet Coke I have on my desk all of the time.

I’ve read unsettling news stories about athletes the suffer really bad health consequences from dehydration. Yet, I had not seen the effects personally until my mom was recovering from a recent operation. After the operation, she became dehydrated and it was difficult to get her rehydrated. The doctor gave her fluids and I put on my bossy pants to get her to drink water. She recovered from that in a few days but it the dehydration was an unexpected challenge after her surgery.

I recently learned about a pinch test that can help you know if you may be dehydrated. It’s easy – you simply lift the skin on the back of your hand up for several seconds. If your skin snaps back really quickly, then you’re well hydrated. If it takes the skin a second or two to go back down, you may be dehydrated. Grab a glass of water! This is called a skin turgor test – read more!

Of course, this is not medical advice and I am not a doctor. If you feel that you’re not well, you should contact a medical professional. This skin turgor test is just a quick way to see if you may be dehydrated. So, grab a water bottle, fill it, and drink up!




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