Fall Container Gardening Ideas

Join me as I get a container ready for fall planting!

Fall Container Garden

This summer I won two metal planters at an auction. The planters did not have holes in the bottom for drainage. Check out the video below where I am so manly and drill holes in the metal liners.

What’s not in the video: We’ve had a pretty wet fall. This has been great for the grass but kept me from getting these done. Once the holes were drilled, I let the containers full dry and gave them a coat of black Rust-oleum spray paint. I let the paint dry and then got to work filling the containers.

I used Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil to fill the containers. There’s a boxwood in the center and I placed needlepoint ivy, pansies, and colorful cabbage in the containers. A few days later my shipment of daffodils arrived and I dug those in too. I’m please with how this turned out!

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