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Blog Monetization – my experience thus far. How to make money with your blog.

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I started my first blog years ago when I moved to Israel. I wanted a way to share pictures and stories with my family back in the United States. I started with a blogspot blog and at some point upgraded to my own URL and a WordPress blog. The process of blogging has become a lot easier over the past decade or so. When I started, you needed to know a little bit about loading WordPress onto your site and even some HTML coding to get it looking just right. Now, WordPress and other blogging software takes that work out of it (thankfully) and you get to just enjoy putting content up for the world to read.

The point of this blog has been to have a creative outlet and to help me to become a better writer. It’s been a lot of fun to be back in the saddle and sharing random thoughts with you all. However, WordPress isn’t free and I thought it might be a good idea to turn on advertisements on the blog to help offset some of the cost of this hobby.

I didn’t have high expectations for ad revenue. My friend Matt and I had a blog years ago that had hundreds of thousands of readers a month and we had very little ad revenue. I mean very little…maybe a deposit of $50 or so every six months. However, it helped to cover the cost for the web hosting. It definitely wasn’t covering our time investment. Thankfully, we had other objectives for the blog.

Once this site had some content, I turned on WordAds – the WordPress ad program. It’s really just been a month or so with the ads turned on and it takes a little bit of time to have a real case study of how they work. Obviously, I didn’t earn much because the site doesn’t have a lot of traffic yet. WordAds was easy to set up!


While my revenue from ads right now isn’t much, it’s a start. In time, I am sure the traffic to this web property will grow. I’ve turned off ads for now. I want to check out Google’s Adsense product in place of WordAds. I’m having trouble getting it all synched up because apparently I’ve had an account in the past – and, of course, I can’t remember the email address associated with that account. I’d like to get Adsense squared away to help monetize my Youtube videos. It’s a little bit frustrating and I am in a waiting game as I wait for Adsense folks to help me work it out.

I’ll let you know how this all works out – hopefully soon.

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