Vlog: Learn How to Root House Plants

I’m  a little bit obsessed with plants and I am also frugal (ok, cheap). Learn how to save money by rooting plant cuttings to make new plants.

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Before the first frost, my neighbors cleaned off their patio and put a few trailing plants in the yard waste pick up pile. When I was out walking the dogs, I spotted it and took a few pinches of the plant. I brought them home and put them in a little vintage creamer and tucked them in the kitchen window. It took a few weeks for the them to grow small fuzzy white roots. In the video below, I plant the rooted cuttings in a clay pot I made during classes at Clayworks. Enjoy!

How to make new plants (this is called propagation) from stem cuttings – like pinches from your neighbor or the garden center or wherever … 😉

First: To make new plants from most multi-stemmed houseplants, try rooting tip cuttings. Cut 4 to 6 inches from the tip of a main stem or side branch.

Second: Remove the lower leaves and any flowers. One way to root these cuttings is to dust cut ends with rooting hormone powder, then plant in moist rooting medium or potting soil. Keep leaves above soil. If you use powder, poke a hole in the soil with a pencil or chopstick so you can place the cutting in the soil without knocking off the powder. Another way is to do what I did in the video and skip powder and place in water until the cutting for small white roots.

Third: Provide indirect light and normal home conditions – not too hot or too cold. When cuttings planted in soil resist tugs, they are taking root.

Rooting and growing your own house plants can be really satisfying. With a little time investment, you can make gifts for friends and family. You can recycle interesting containers to use for your plants. I’ve found interesting pots at consignment shops and thrift stores. If you’re in Charlotte, Sleepy Poet is a great source for relatively inexpensive and unique planters.


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