Where to retire early to a place with lots of sun after working your FIRE (financial independence retire early) plan

You’ve worked your FIRE plan and are ready to retire early. Where are the top sunny places to retire where your savings will go a long way?

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If you’ve been working on your FIRE plan for a while, you know that one of the way to make your financial independence goals more attainable is to lower your costs in retirement. Often this means having your house and car paid off and reducing other expenses.

One of the ways to reduce expenses in retirement is to move to or live in a place that has a low cost of living. This may mean that the location has lower taxes (no income tax or sales tax), lower housing or property costs, and lower costs for food and other necessities.

CNBC recently compiled a list of a few of the top places to retire with lots of sunny weather and are a good value for the money. Check out the list for yourself. It includes towns in Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru – and other South and Central American countries.

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