How to pick a live Christmas Tree and how to put lights on a Christmas Tree

A live Christmas tree is treat for the holidays. It’s definitely more work than an artificial tree but nothing adds the feeling and smells of the holiday like a live tree. Learn how to pick out a live Christmas tree and how to put lights on it.


Decide what kind of tree you want. There are different kinds of trees. Do you want a pine, Fraser Fir, or another kind of tree? North Carolina grows a lot of Fraser Fir trees and the fragrance of that tree smells like Christmas to us, so that’s what we got.

Check out this quick video of us getting the tree home with some helpful tips for decorating your Christmas tree with holiday lights.

MEASURE! MEASURE! MEASURE! There is nothing worse than getting a tree home and realizing that it’s too big for the space. Folks generally think about the height of their ceilings but be sure to also consider how round the tree will be. Err on the side of smaller. You want a tree for decoration – not a treehouse.

Make sure the tree is fresh. Check the trunk of the tree. The trunk should have a slight stickiness to it. Bend a needle in half with your fingers; fresh needles bend and should not break.  Remember your gloves!

Check the needles. Gently grab the inside of a branch and pull your hand toward you. The needles should stay on the tree. If a few needles fall off, it should be fine. If a lot of needles fall off, keep searching for a different tree.

Fresh Cut for the Trunk. You’ll want to make a fresh cut and take a few inches off the bottom of the tree. This will allow the tree to soak up water. The folks at the tree lot will often do this for you. Ours put our tree in the stand for us. Tip your tree people!

Keep your tree cool and watered. The tree grew outside in the mountains. Consider turning down your heat a few degrees. Keep your tree away from heat vents and the fireplace. Also, don’t have any real candles anywhere near your tree. Be sure to keep the tree stand reservoir full.

Have fun decorating!



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