Resume Makeover: Help yourself land that job!

As an HR professional, I get lots of requests to give feedback on resumes. A recent CNN Business article has some good pointers you can apply yourself!

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The hardest part is getting past the applicant tracking systems and making sure your resume includes all the experience, skills, and education the recruiters are using in their keyword searches. One you get past the machine, your resume has seven seconds to make a great first impression.

This CNN Business article guides us on a few key ways we can give our resume a makeover to create a dynamic impact.


  • Keep the header simple (don’t put your physical or mailing address)
  • Provide a brief summary – one or two sentences
  • Tell ’em what you can do – be concise but share the work you’ve accomplished
  • Closing summary – this was a new one for me, so click over and check it out.



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