Love Me Love My Junk: My Introduction to Mary Randolph Carter

I love NPR. One of the reasons I love NPR is that it expands my horizons by introducing me to new people and ideas. I recently heard an interview with Mary Randolph Carter – her friends call her Carter. She’s a collector and special. Meet her now too. 

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Mary Randolph Carter has worked at Ralph Lauren for decades where she’s a creative director. But she’s a collector. She calls it junk. She’s got a lot of junk. Ms. Carter has written a lot about junk. She clearly has an un-minimal design philosophy. In the NPR interview, I got a kick out of her description of her compromise about a flat screen TV. She says, “I am living with it now.” Listen to the interview that piqued my interest. Listen … I love her improvisations and memory-making with junk. In this way she leans back to a past time and time with her mother… and her summers on the Outer Banks of my home state, North Carolina.

More on Carter…

In this article in the NYT she shares how she got her start in the magazine business – and says, “I was the beauty editor who never wore makeup!” It’s a great read.

Her latest book is called, The Joy of Junk: Go Right Ahead, Fall In Love With The Wackiest Things, Find The Worth In The Worthless, Rescue & Recycle The Curious Objects That Give Life & Happiness. To that I say, AMEN! This totally justifies my former collection of baskets made of beaded safety pins – I had some cool ones! In this new book, Carter interviews other designers and high-profile taste-makers –such as Lisa Eisner and Bunny Williams. The Joy of Junk shows how we can integrate our passions and histories to live creatively and happily with the special and quirky objects that give our homes soul – WHICH IS MUCH NEED IN THIS BLAH, GREY WORLD OF RESTORATION HARDWARE SAMENESS. #endofrant


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