How I Make Money on my Blog: AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

Blog monetization isn’t easy. I started this blog as a hobby but I’d like to make enough money to cover the expenses which include website hosting, some camera equipment, and odds and ends. This is an update to my first post where I began tracking my earnings from the blog.


I’m using WordPress to host my blog and it has a subscription fee. I bought some equipment for my camera… oh, and I almost forgot – I splurged on a MacBook so I could use iMovie and such. So, I had some start up expenses. While I am making small earnings from my blog, at the current revenue rate, it’s going to talk a LONG time to break even or for it to become profitable.

Initially, I used the WordPress advertising program WordAds. In the meantime, I figured out my AdSense account and was able to add it to the blog in place of WordAds. I have been please by the ads that are pushed to my site. I am not going to retire any time soon, but it’s nice that the ads are in place as my readership increases.  I used the AdSense auto ads feature and Google’s AI reads my blog and determines where and what ads to put on each page. It’s taken a lot of work out of placing ads on each page.

I am also an Amazon Affiliate. I recently had my first sale as an affiliate and it was really exciting. It was cool to see how that program works.

I am just going to continue to blog about the topics that are of interest to me. I don’t really blog to intentionally review or recommend products unless I really believe in them or use them myself. My goal right now is to have fun and to refine my writing skills.

Let us hear from you!

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