Scented Candle Review: Best Christmas Candle

Do you love the scents of Christmas time? For me that’s a big part of the magic at this time of the year. Check out a quick video of some of my favorite scented candles for the holidays.

close up photography of gift besides candle


There are few items that are as well received as a gift as a luxury candle. Many people are VERY into candles. While I am not as obsessed as some, I really do enjoy having one burning during the holidays. When the daylight wanes and the cold weather sets in, it’s warming to the soul to have both the calming visual of the candle and the wonderful scent.

There are three candles that I love that I’d like to share with you that would make great gifts this Christmas. The first is the Illume Winter White candle. This candle has an evergreen base (think Christmas tree) with smoky notes including amber that make it a bit more complex. I think it’s a darker, maybe more masculine, scent – lovely! The second is a beautiful and bright fir scented candle: Illume Balsam and Cedar. This really does smell like a Fraser Fir Christmas tree. It has a sweet fir fragrance that just smells like Christmas. This candle would be great if you do not have a live Christmas tree because it will add that fragrance to your home. The third candle I’d like to suggest is Thymes’ Fraser Fir Candle. A local store carries this candle and they always sell out before Christmas. Usually I like to grab a few for the following year and store them away. I guess I forgot to pick them up last year or I’ve hidden them from myself – I can’t find them. I’ll venture out to get them this weekend or order a few online.

Do you have a favorite holiday candle scent. Leave a comment and share it with us! I am always ready to try something new!

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