Make Your Own Peppermint Snow with a Food Processor

Each Christmas I make white chocolate covered pretzels for folks at work and for this spur of the moment gift exchanges. Last year I added peppermint snow – crushed peppermint candy – to add a little kick to the pretzels. It was a big hit and I wanted to do it again this year. Here’s how!

beverage candy candy cane celebration peppermint snow

Peppermint snow is perfect for adding a festive touch to cookies, candies, and holiday drinks. Starbucks sprinkles it on their peppermint mocha! Last year I bough a jar of it at Williams Sonoma. They sell it in a 5.5 oz jar for $19!! You can make it for yourself for much less with a little effort and your food processor. Regular readers will know that I am in love with my Cuisinart 14-cup food processor.

You can use peppermint candy canes or mints aka starlight mints. Just unwrap them and drop them into your food processor. Get your little elves (kids) to help unwrap. Just be sure they’re not unsupervised around the food processor – it’s SHARP! Pulse until you get the consistency you like. It’s really easy to make peppermint dust so watch out for that.

Once you’re done you can put the peppermint snow in a sealed container for storage. A spice jar with a larger opening would be great to use. This would also make a great gift. Put a jar in a gift bag with some hot chocolate mix and you’ve got a great hostess gift!

Here’s a quick video of yours truly making peppermint snow. Somehow I managed to cut off the top of my head in this video – life and learn!



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