How to Protect Clarks Leather Shoes from Winter Weather

If you have invested in a pair of Clarks leather shoes, you want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. It takes just a few minutes to help protect them from yucky winter weather.

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It is important to use the proper products specifically designed for the material of your shoes. Although leather is a naturally durable material, over time it can become worn and distressed due to several factors including weather, humidity, and age. Each of these factors can have a different affect on the leather, causing the material to look old and neglected if not treated properly. It is a far too common mistake to throw leather shoes out because they are thought to be ruined and unsalvageable.

To ensure your pair of leather shoes stands the test of time, it is important that you occasionally take the steps necessary to treat them to restore their durability and natural beauty.

Removing Salt Stains from Shoes

Ok, so you missed the lesson on protection and now you have salt stains on your favorite pair of shoes..what to do?!

It is imperative that you remove salt quickly from your leather shoes, as salt will dry out your leather shoes and can cause cracking or creasing. Check out the Clarks Shoe Care and Maintenance Guide video above to give you the tools, tips, and tricks on how to quickly remove those unsightly salt stains from your favorite pair of leather shoes.

To remove salt from a leather shoe:

  • Make a solution that is two parts water and one part vinegar.
  • Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and gently wipe the shoe.
  • Remove the solution with a cloth dampened with clean, pure water.
  • Make sure the shoe fully dries out, as you do not want the leather to be soaked in water for long. One way to do this would be to place the shoe within range of a heater or radiator. (Not too close, though! Heaters can cause leather to dry out and become brittle, and can also harm the adhesives.)
  • Do not use soap! This will strip the color and coatings from your leather shoe.
  • Then apply a leather protectant to protect your shoes.

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