Free Plants! Learn to make your own plants by cuttings

This is an update to a post from a few weeks ago where I potted up a few rooting cuttings. Small plants make a great gift and they’re practically FREE! (They’ll just take a little time.)

succulent plant free plants

Rooting plants is fun and frugal. In the video below I show you how I took a few free cuttings and rooted them by the kitchen window in plain old water. It took just a few weeks for small, white roots to begin growing from the stems. I didn’t even have to use any rooting hormone.

Once each cutting had a few roots, I potted up the plants in a small clay pot with some potting soil. I watered the cuttings and then placed them is a spot with bright indirect sunlight.

Another few weeks passed and now I have a healthy and full plant. I’ve been surprised by how much it has grown. It’s now ready to be a hostess gift, a gift for someone at work, or a birthday gift – for the price of FREE! I used soil and a pot I had around the house but you could use a recycled glass container from a votive candle or other reusable container. Thrift shops are great places to find inexpensive containers and often your purchase goes to support a good cause. Get creative! Get growing!



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