Christmas Craft for Kids: Easy Pinecone Christmas Trees

Well, it’s here. Christmas is for children – screaming, arguing, won’t go to bed, I’m bored – children. I am sure they’ll be perfect angels all during winter break. If you keep those little hands busy, it can be a fun and meaningful time together. Crafts – easy crafts to keep kids busy may be part of the answer!

Easy Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft

kids Christmas craft idea tree pinecone


  • Clean and dry pinecones (buy or take a nature walk to find some!) Just be sure the pinecone’s points aren’t too sharp. Large pinecones are easier to paint and look more like a Christmas tree.
  • Green washable craft paint (like Tempera or Acrylic)
  • Paintbrushes or cotton swaps to paint the pinecone
  • Small multi-colored fabric pompoms, beads, bells, foam shapes (like stars)
  • Elmers Glue or other brand of school glue
  • Optional: Small clay pot to serve as a base for the tree. Alternatively, if the pinecone will stand up on its own, you might not need a small pot. You could also use a piece of construction paper as a stabilizing base. The idea here is just to have something to help the pinecone stand up in case it won’t balance on its own.

pinecone pine cone Christmas tree craft kids


Paint the pinecone. Depending on the age of the child you may need to help them paint the pinecone. This can get messy so put down newsprint and wear a smock or old clothes. Let the pinecone dry – several hours or overnight.

Decorate the pinecone: Using the fuzzy pompoms, beads and other small items, decorate the pinecone like a Christmas tree. You could show children pictures of Christmas trees to get decorating ideas or maybe make a sample. Depending on how well decorated you want the tree, you can limit the supply and access to decorating items. This an opportunity to help kids count – “Let’s count out 5 red pompoms. Let’s count out 3 small beads.” Etc. Let the glue dry.

Make the “Tree Stand”: You might want to use a small clay pot or a disposable cup to use as a stand. Pinecones often don’t have a flat base and might wobble over. You could have the child paint the pot or cup if desired. The cup or pot is a great place to write the child’s name on the project (once the paint is dry). You could alternatively use some glue to adhere the pinecone to a square of construction paper to make a base. You might have to prop up the pinecone so it stays straight while it dries.

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