How to Make an Easy Christmas Greenery Decoration

If you’re like me, you run out of time when decorating your house for Christmas. Every year, I have big aspirations for Biltmore House style decorating but things are quickly “right sized” when I begin to run out of time. Here’s a recipe for an easy, time saving, greenery decoration for Christmas!

Easy Christmas Greenery Decoration

I love bring the outside inside during the holidays! Growing up in North Carolina, I was lucky to live in a state with a ready supply of fresh-cut Christmas trees. North Carolina grows many, many Christmas trees and even supplied the White House with their Christmas Tree this year.

When you go to buy your Christmas tree, the folks at the tree lot will likely need to cut off a few branches to get your tree into the stand. You may need to even trim it a little more when you get the tree into the house. Save those trimmings. You can use them to make a fresh greenery arrangement for above a door, a mantle, or a tabletop centerpiece.

This year I didn’t have enough trimmings from my tree to make all of the greenery items to hang about the door, so I had to buy some extra branches. A big bunch at the tree lot was $5 – not expensive at all.

I made small arrangements to go over our doors using those Fraser Fir timings from the Christmas tree, some magnolia leaves, and artificial red berries. I like the contrast of the different textures of the greenery. The sweet fragrance of the Fraser Fir is an added bonus.

I started with six small branches of the Fraser Fir in graduated sizes. I put a larger piece as the base, then a slightly smaller piece on top, and then finally an even smaller piece on top of that. I like to use odd numbers because it’s a more natural look when you use odd numbers. I do the same in the opposite direction and then use florist wire on a paddle to tightly wire all the pieces together.

Then I made set of three magnolia leaves and one bit of the artificial berries. Sometimes it’s hard to get a whole branch of magnolia that looks great. So, I just trim off individual good looking leaves to make the sets of three. Wire the magnolia leaves and the berries together and then wire them to the Fraser Fir bunch too.

Finally, use pine cones that you’ve collected or purchased and wire them up. Just wrap a small piece of wine around the pinecone above the very last space on the pinecone. Twist the wire so that it holds tight to the pinecone. Leave enough wire on the pinecone to wrap around the arrangement of Fraser Fir and magnolia leaves. You need a little bit of wire to hand the arrangement on a nail above the door. If you’re using this on a tabletop or mantle, you’ll want to place something under it so that the wire doesn’t scratch the wood surface and so the Fraser Fir sap doesn’t drip on your table or on the tablecloth.

Here’s a quick video where I deconstruct the whole process! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!


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